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Ghassan Aguenaou - Owner and Founder 

"With almost 20 years of hospitality experience, at a young age I knew this was what I wanted to do as my career path. Nothing makes me happier than making other people happy, and every event we plan as if it was our own."


Gus started his bartending career in 2005, working college bars and restaurants in New York. Quickly realizing an affinity for training others, he rose through the ranks to become a lead bartender and trainer. Within a few years he had moved into management, Running the Hotel Argana in Morocco, from 2013-2015.


Upon returning to the states he became manager to one of the top wine bars in Washington D.C, heading up the training program in his locations and developing 100s of managers and bartenders through the course of 4 years. 

After his time in restaurant management, Gus consulted on multiple bar projects throughout Washington D.C and dabbled in event management. Working with these other companies inspired him to build something amazing, a company whose passion is truly in thrilling guests and taking care of people. With a leader that embodies this philosophy.


A certified Trainer in TIPS- Training for intervention procedures - And an Alcohol awareness instructor for the state of Maryland, Gus also leads classrooms to certify servers of alcohol in responsible service and training


Kevin-President & Managing Partner
Kevin has had a fascination for craft beverages since long before he was of age, beginning his path toward mixology as a trained barista. As he mastered the tricks to latte art and craft espresso drinks, he couldn’t wait to get behind a bar.

Kevin knows that anyone can learn to pour alcohol and shake a couple of tins, but what people are really hungering for is a life behind the bar… someone to get the party going and who can keep the good times and great vibes rolling with a fun, vibrant, and electric personality. He has experience from teaching classes in intimate settings to huge blow out weddings where the drinks never stop flying!

With his passion for bartending, level of skill and attention to detail- there is no one better to manage or bartend your event!



Keena-Event Coordinator- Master of Mixology

An industry veteran and team leader! 

She loves bartending private events because it allows her to connect with her guests in an intimate environment and make sure they are having the time of their lives. 

Her other favorite event type to bartend is concerts because of the fast-paced high-energy environment. Her favorite cocktails are lemon drop martinis and mojitos, and her favorite drinks to make are Long Island iced teas and rum punches.

Since joining the company Keena has not only been amazing bartender but a leader to our group- constantly elevating her guests experience and the skill levels of those around her with her professionalism and skill.   

Jason- Event Manager

Jason has a passion for serving others and an entrepreneurial spirit unlike any other! He’s the guy you want handy when your car breaks down, when your shed falls apart, and especially when you are shooting tequila at the bar!


Jason’s work experience in life is fantastically eclectic. Starting out as a pro bass fisher, he moved into a career as a carpenter. After some time doing that, he decided to try his hand at food and beverage service, and ultimately ended up where he is now in HOA management. Jason’s dedication to every role he’s taken on shows, and his vast experience makes him a key player in any scenario!


Jason rose up the ranks rapidly with the Masters of Mixology and he is a huge part of our success and customer satisfaction. He is not only one of our mixologists, but he manages our operations at the Rugby and Soccer games throughout the year at Segra Field in Loudoun County!

gabes profile pic.jpg

Gabriel - Lead Mixologist

Gabe has been in the hospitality and service industry for over a decade. His experience in multiple bartending styles  along with a fascination in mixology is evident in his craft. With a personable and professional approach, Gabriel has been known to facilitate parties and events beyond expectation.


Whether it be whisky tastings to wedding receptions, house parties to corporate events, small gatherings, or as stadium staff; Gabriel has got you covered. His passion for the craft and knowledge on product will always keep your guests engaged.


Pam-Master of Mixology

The Original Graduate of the Masters of Mixology School of Bartending - Pamela quickly rose up the ranks of bartenders and differentiated herself by her level of attention to detail, and ability to go above and beyond.

She has been one of our go-to bartenders ever since finishing her certification and knows how to set up your bar service for success and fun!


Morgan- Master of Mixology
Not merely the life of the party… he’s the living breathing SOUL of it! Quick witted, insanely friendly, and a beast with the shaker, Morgan found his love of mixology by diving deep into the history of complex cocktails and unrooting the core of what makes each drink its own. His favorite thing about bartending is connecting with different people and making drinkable works of art! Morgan’s favorite cocktail is a Matexa 12 Star "Greek Sazerac". He also has a soft spot for Jagermister cocktails, which he will be happy to demonstrate for you at your next event!



Bleux- Master of Mixology

Bleux (pronounced *Blue*) has been in hospitality since the cradle. It didn't take long for her to master the art and harness her natural interpersonal skills, which she developed over the years by serving at various formal events while growing up. It didn't take long for her to find herself moving up from serving to being behind the bar... and that is where she has been ever since. 


Bleux loves a good whiskey and enjoys making anything from lemon drop martinis to  old fashions.

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